In-Between Shield

for Arduino

Swap Arduino I/O pins without soldering




In-Between Shield Features:

  • All through hole parts, easy for DIY
  • Standard Arduino shield footprint
  • Self-explanatory and easy to use
  • License free if you make and sell it commercially.
  • No warranty, either express or implied, is given for the PCB.  Agree our terms before buying the PCB. No alteration on silkscreens. We shall not be liable for any claims, expenses, damages, and loss of profits, opportunities or information arising from the use of this PCB.

This shield is like an odd size socket in your tool box, you may not use it often, but it's worth it if you only use it once in your life.

Available at http://www.evbplus.com/hcs12_9s12_store/unique_arduino_cortex.html



The above bare PCB is available at OSHpark  https://www.oshpark.com/shared_projects/LMNHcknc 

1. Solder the TH1 and TH2 last, so the BH1 and BH2 will not be blocked by them.
2. The header H3 labeled with PARKING is for spare jumpers to park.

Schematic and BOM


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