Technically the Nano1284P exists.
A UU module over the RadioNano is the Nano1284P







Nano1284P replaces
Nano328P on Alice Lite

2.2" TFT display via a small shield
The shield is available at Oshpark





Radio Nano

for breadboard

An Atmega328P DIP module with nRF24L01+ in Nano footprint



Three unique Features:

1.  Atmega 328P in DIP with Nano footprint, easy to replace the 328P if it's damaged.
2.  Built-in socket for the nRF24L01+ module, ready for RF communication and network.
3.  All through hole components, fun to assemble.

Other Features:

  • Standard UNO optibootloader.
  • FTDI cable interface
  • ICSP header
  • Resettable fuse and blocking diode for USB power
  • Reset button
  • D13 LED and power LED indicators
  • License free if you make and sell it commercially.
  • No warranty, either express or implied, is given for the PCB.  Agree our terms before buying the PCB. No alteration on silkscreens. We shall not be liable for any claims, expenses, damages, and loss of profits, opportunities or information arising from the use of this PCB.



Top View



Component View




 Front View



Bottom View






The above bare PCB is available at OSHpark  https://www.oshpark.com/shared_projects/QuJSgy8r

The Radio Nano uses the exact same UNO optibootloader, so it will work as a UNO and can be selected as the UNO for the board type.

Note:  The R2 and R3 resistors are placed horizontally.

Schematic and BOM are available at Roger's web site:  http://www.rasmicro.com/Sleeping_Beauty/

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