F4Stamp Mini





The new STM32F4 Stamp Mini is based on Frank Zhao's design. It should work as his stamp.  You can try his software at his web site:




The above bare PCB is available at OSHpark: https://www.oshpark.com/profiles/firebirduino $8.00 for 3 pieces, and free shipping. 
Open Source Hardware, no license needed.

1.  For easier to solder, I tried to avoid 0201, all resistors and capacitors are in 0402 except four 22 PFs in 0603.

2.  D1 is MBR120, 20V 1A. 

3.  U1 is AP2210N-3.3V, up to 13V max. input, 0.3A. I used this one because I have some at hand.  You can use AP2112K-3.3V, 5V input, 0.6A.

4.  The middle 2 pins of the J3 are not wired.  I don't know if it's better for SWD signals or a UART's RX and TX.
You probably can wire then easily, or let me know, I can modify the PCB.

5.  An 8 MHz crystal in small size is expensive.  Instead, I installed a HC-49/US on the solder side.






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